Your Guide to E-Cigarettes and Oral Health

What Are E-Cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes are battery powered alternatives to regular cigarettes that use nicotine, distilled water and flavoring. The latter are converted into vapor which passes through the mouth and into the bloodstream. One of the most negative impacts cigarettes can have on the teeth are yellow stains. As well as discoloring, smokers routinely complain about plaque build-up, bad breath, gum-related infections and even tooth loss. This could also lead to oral cancer in the long term. For such kind of issues you need immediate Dental Health Care Tips and get proper bad breath treatment or gum disease treatment.

Are E-Cigarettes Better For Your Oral Health?

Yes and no. While there are some clear benefits to making the switch to E-cigarettes, the alternative form of smoking is not completely harmless. It can still result in some serious-long term side effects.


E-cigarettes eliminate tar from the smoking process. Tar is a harmful substance that creates discoloration and yellow staining. So switching to E-smoking can dramatically improve the appearance of the teeth, helping to maintain whiteness. They also help eliminate the notorious smoke odor, so bad breath (halitosis) need no longer be a problem and no need of bad breath treatment .


Like regular cigarettes, E-cigarettes still deliver high, concentrated amounts of nicotine into the mouth and the body. Even though the user controls the nicotine levels in e-cigarettes. While decreasing these levels can be beneficial and positively affect oral health, nicotine use of any kind still increase the chances of developing oral cancer.

Gum health is directly related to the quality of health in all areas of bodily tissues. The inhalation of nicotine damages the system internally and inevitably begins to impact the quality of oral health. Including:

  • Inhibiting the user’s ability to produce saliva, leading to the build-up of bacteria, dry mouth and eventual tooth decay.
  • Adversely affecting blood flow and immune cell function, seriously interfering with the mechanisms responsible for the production of periodontal disease.
  • A depth of inhalation means the user absorbs higher levels of dangerous chemicals than those who smoke regular cigarettes.

While it’s been proven that switching to E-cigarettes can be slightly less damaging to your overall and oral health, Oral Health Care Specialist agree that they are by no means safe, harmless alternative. Serious risk to oral health is still a major issue. The dangers of the chemical substances found in E-cigarettes are as risky to our health as traditional cigarettes. Eliminating all forms of nicotine is always the most beneficial action to maintain good oral care.

If you have any further questions regarding E-cigarettes and its effects they have on the teeth, and gums, you should always discuss it with your Oral Dental Care Professionals.