Who should not undergo teeth whitening

Whitening procedures

Teeth whitening procedures can effectively make the teeth whiter and brighter temporarily, however, these techniques and procedures are not suitable for everyone. For some people, teeth whitening procedures would not be recommended by the Oral Health Care Specialist and for some individuals these techniques would not display successful results.

Sometimes whitening procedures are not suitable

The following are the situations when teeth whitening processes would not be suitable:

  • Teeth whitening would not be suitable for children under the age of 16 years. The pulp chamber and the tooth nerve are growing in size at this age. The pulp of the teeth of children can be disturbed and irritated by teeth whitening and the tooth can become sensitive.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should also not get their teeth whitened. Instead get Oral Health Free Dental Advice.
  • Individuals who have sensitive gums and teeth should not go through teeth whitening procedures without the advice of a dental expert. Similarly, individuals who have receding gums or who have defective restorations should also avoid teeth whitening at least it has been advised different from dental care professional.
  • Peroxide is the major whitening agent which is generally used for teeth whitening. Individuals who are allergic to peroxide should not get their teeth bleached.

There are situations when patient can undergo whitening procedures after seeing dentist:

  • Individuals who have damaged tooth enamel are recommended by Oral Health Care Professionals to not undergo a teeth whitening procedure. If the individual has dental cavities, then treatment for the cavities should be performed first, before bleaching, because the chemical agents used in whitening can damage the inner portions of the teeth if cavities are present and this can cause tooth sensitivity.
  • Individuals who have dental fillings, crowns, veneer treatment for teeth, bridges and other restorations applied to their teeth should avoid teeth whitening procedures. Dental restorations prevent the whitening treatments producing even whiteness on the teeth and irregular whitening would result . If you plan to apply any dental restoration, then whitening prior to the fixing of any dental restoration is the perfect time to do it.
  • Individuals who have darkly stained teeth should be aware that teeth whitening procedures would not be able to do much for their teeth in some cases. Greyish-hue and purple stained teeth might not even be changed at all by the teeth whitening procedures as this is an effect from medication has been taking at early age teeth development. 

Any teeth whitening case must be discussed with the dentist first and then to be referred to the dental hygienists to do so.

  • Individuals suffering from gingivitis or periodontal disease can be advised to go for whitening procedure, because the latest study says that peroxide helps to treat gum disease.