Veneer (dentistry)

Veneer is a type of restorative material which is used to protect a damaged tooth surface or to enhance the aesthetics of the tooth with the veneer treatment for teeth. It can be made up of two materials, dental porcelain and composite. The methods of placing it in the mouth can be direct as well as indirect. The direct placing of it in the mouth means that the it is built-up in the mouth, whereas the indirect placing means that the veneer is first produced by a technician in a dental laboratory, and then it is fitted in the mouth of the patient later. A composite veneer can be placed directly or indirectly, however, the porcelain veneer can only be placed indirectly.


The distorted teeth ruin the beauty of the smile. Dental veneers can be used to improve the smile in this case by providing a natural look to the tooth or teeth. The thin covering is applied to the tooth so that its natural appearance can be restored. Following are the scenarios when they can be used on the front of a tooth.

  • To hide a stained tooth which can’t even be whitened by bleaching
  • To normalized chipped or crooked teeth
  • To cover gaps between upper front teeth

Things To Know

It is vital that dental health is in optimal state before getting this thin covering placed on a tooth. Discuss existing oral diseases or any tooth decay problem with a professional before going for this treatment. Veneers may not be a preferred option for people who clench teeth while sleeping. To support veneer placement for these people, a plastic night guard can be suggested. To perform veneer placement, the dental care specialist has to remove little tooth enamel the process of which is not reversible. These dental coverings might get loosened over time which can then be renewed.