Turners hypoplasia

Turners hypoplasia is the irregularity or abnormality of the teeth or tooth in which the enamel of a permanent tooth or teeth diminishes or dissolves. Most often, only one tooth is affected by Turners hypoplasia, and that single tooth is called the Turners tooth. The portion of missing or diminished enamel on permanent teeth is known to be the occurence of the turners hypoplasia. The primary teeth get effected heavily and decays due to that the inflamed tissues that are around the root of the tooth affects the permanent tooth growth. There should be a regularity in the following of the Oral Health Tips for Proper Dental Care.

Due to the presence of the infection when the primary tooth was still in the mouth causes the turners hypoplasia that is found on a canine or a premolar. The cause of Turners hypoplasia varies dependent on the type of tooth. If a canine or premolar is affected by the condition, then the cause may be that the previous deciduous tooth had dental caries which in turn caused the gum tissues of the area to become infected. This would affect the development of the permanent tooth and hence the tooth becomes a Turners tooth. Traumatic injury to a primary tooth causes the turner’s hypolasia found in the front area of the teeth affecting the formation of enamel. When an incisor is affected by the condition, then the cause might be physical trauma or injury. Turners hypoplasia is accompanied by white or yellow coloring of the tooth. So, there is the need of regular Dentist Advice About Oral Health Care.