Smile Makeover

.A smile makeover is one of the most popular procedures in smile design dentistry UK nowadays. Everyone is trying to achieve the best smile appearance nowadays.

Teeth are a huge part of a person’s appearance, a good smile can do wonders for a persons confidence. First impressions of any situation are important, an aesthetic smile helps this first impression be a good one. A dazzling smile can ease nerves, and this is the case in every aspect of life, dating, job interviews, business meetings and all sorts.   

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Which procedure to choose?

A smile makeover involves many different technologies that provide long-lasting changes, making a patients smile look better. The procedure adopted by Oral Health Care Professionals may be used to reduce a gummy smile, widen a narrow smile, align crowded teeth, and change the length and shape of teeth. It can also include changes to tooth color, replacing missing teeth or placing porcelain veneers. These procedures tend to be applied to the top front eight teeth, but sometimes patients request it on the lower teeth too. Porcelain crowns, bridges, implants and even implant supported dentures can also be part of the smile makeovers, depending on the patient’s circumstances.

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Consultation with a dentist is a must!

A consultation with the Oral Health Care Specialist is the first step in a smile makeover. The dentist may use a digital camera to help decide what needs to be treated and which methods to use. The digital imaging allows computer technology to help in designing an ideal smile, and patients can use it to change their smile to the one they particularly want. The second stage of the smile makeover involves all the various technologies such as veneers, implants, Misaligned braces, bonding, new fillings, gum contouring and teeth whitening cosmetics.

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Most popular smile makeover procedures

Veneers: tend to be used when a patient’s teeth have been stained, cracked or damaged. However, a lot of the time they are used to erase gaps or spaces between the teeth. Made of either porcelain, ceramic or composite bonding material, they can, when fitted correctly, last 10 to 15 years.

Dental Implants: Oral Surgery and Dental Implants tend to be used when a patient has lost teeth or the teeth have been damaged. Implants can include metal rods, which are screwed to the bone.

Invisalign Braces: these braces are clear and barely visible in the mouth and are used to move the patient’s teeth into alignment until they have reached the required result. These braces use a series of barely visible retainers, avoiding the use of the traditional wire braces.

Cosmetic Bonding: this procedure involves a tooth colored material being fixed to the front of a tooth, it can repair a damaged or defective tooth or simply improve its appearance. The bonding filling can last about 7 years.

Tooth Whitening: one of the most popular smile makeover treatments available. Teeth whitening treatment UK can be done by the dentist or Oral Health Care Professionals in a surgery or at home by yourself.  The most popular form is the laser tooth whitening system in a chair, but the home kit can bring very good results also. 

Gum Contouring: gum disease treatment is used to fix what is known as a “gummy smile”. It is a laser treatment that changes the shape and contour of the gums.

How to decide which procedure is most suitable for your smile makeover?

We highly recommend visiting the Oral Health Care Professionals for a consultation. Cosmetic dentists are more experienced in smile makeover procedures. 

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