Smart retainer

The SMART retainer is a small device which is fixed with an orthodontic retainer. The SMART retainer keeps account of how often the retainer is worn and how long the retainer has been worn. It is a precision medical device which can be easily placed in the orthodontic retainer, just like a decal. The SMART retainer consists of an encrypted and patented SMART sensor, software and reader.

The stress relapses caused in using the retainer are eliminated when a SMART retainer is being used. The orthodontist also does not have to rely on the statements of the patient as well, because the SMART retainer notifies the actual figures to the orthodontist, eliminating all miscommunication. Therefore re-treats which become necessary in the case of a relapse would not be required. The SMART retainer is a tiny device around the size of a shirt button.

When the patient visits the orthodontist, the orthodontist places the SMART retainer on a special reader. This reader exhibits the accurate data regarding the usage of the retainer on the computer screen of the orthodontist. This is a very helpful device which supports the orthodontist in coming up with the right advice and treatment.