Scleroderma and oral health

Scleroderma is a chronic disease which occurs as an immune response of the body against certain substances and tissues in the body. Scleroderma principally affects the skin of the individual. The condition causes fibrosis and vascular alterations, etc.

Scleroderma can cause damage to the oral health of an individual in many ways. The people suffering from scleroderma experience tightening of the lips, gums tissues and cheeks. The elasticity of the cheeks and lips become damaged by the disease, and eventually, this causes gum recession. Gum recession is a serious issue which can cause even more serious diseases of the gums and tooth decay. Periodontal disease is a more serious disease of the gums which can be very damaging for the teeth and gums and the individual may lose their the teeth if the required treatment is not initiated within time.

It has been recommended by experts that people suffering from scleroderma should go through certain exercises before they go for dental treatments. These exercises will make the lips and cheeks somewhat elastic and make the treatment more comfortable.

Although every person should take care of their oral hygiene by regularly cleaning the teeth and gums, people suffering from scleroderma should take especial care in this regard. Such individuals should make sure that their oral cavity remains clean and free of bacterial infections by brushing and flossing the teeth regularly and properly. Occasionally, these individuals should visit the dentist and have their oral health examined so that any possible tooth or gum infection can be identified and treated before it causes any more damage. The plaque on the teeth should also be removed intermittently by professional scaling.