Root canal treatment

This is the treatment for curing infections of the root canal system, which lies at the center of the tooth. The root canal treatment is also called endodontic therapy UK. The root canal treatment becomes necessary when the condition of the tooth becomes so weak that the pulp tissue has to be removed, otherwise severe infection and pain would result and the tooth may have to be extracted.

In order to save the tooth from being extracted, and to prevent severe infections, a root canal treatment is carried out by the dentist. The root canal treatment involves the following procedures:

  • The dentist drills into the pulp chamber
  • The infected pulp is contacted and removed
  • The nerves in the root canal system are removed with the use of needle-like drills
  • The root canal system and the pulp chamber are filled with inert material. Usually, gutta-percha is used as a filling material.
  • The opening is sealed
  • A dental crown is fitted on the tooth, so that the prognosis of the tooth is increased

Previously, root canal treatment involved intense pain and also caused painful abscess. This made the patients of root canal treatment scared of the procedure. The modern root canal treatment procedures have become more painless. The use of local anesthetic during the treatment and pain killing medications after the treatment can control the pain factor involved in the root canal treatment.

Pulpectomy is the procedure when the infected pulp in the tooth is removed by the dentist and a temporary filling is done in the space before applying the dressing. Similarly, Pulpotomy is the procedure when only the coronal portion of the pulp is removed. This coronal portion of the pulp contains 90% of the nerve tissues. The pulp in the root canals is left intact. Both Pulpectomy and Pulpotomy can eliminate the pain, and can be prescribed by the dentist depending on the condition of the patient. Finishing the root canal treatment might be necessary if the symptoms and pain continue.

The fitting of a crown on the tooth is necessary after the root canal treatment because if the crown is not fixed, then the tooth may fracture after a couple of years, as the it becomes more brittle after the root canal treatment. The root canal treatment is often complicated and comprises of multiple visits to the dentists office. Meet your dentist today for various Dental problems and treatment.