Orthodontic retainers are specifically made devices which have the capability of holding the teeth together after a dental surgery, removal of dental braces or any Cosmetic Dental Treatment done for improving the alignment between the teeth. These orthodontic retainers are used so that the surrounding gums and the bone adjust with each other after the alignment treatment or dental braces have made the changes in the bone.

There are three types of orthodontic retainers mentioned by our Oral Health Care Specialist:

Hawley Retainer

The Hawley retainer consists of a metal wire used for holding the teeth and keeping them in position.

Essix Retainer

The Essix retainer is made of PVC material. This is a clear and translucent orthodontic retainer, and looks similar to the invisalign trays, which can either be placed on the complete tooth arch, or simply on the teeth from the canine to canine.

Bonded or Fixed Retainers

The bonded or fixed retainers contain a passive wire which exists on the tongue side or the backside of the incisors. The fixed retainer, as the name suggests, is not removable like the previous types of orthodontic retainers. Fixed retainers can cause gingivitis because cleaning of the teeth and gums can be tricky. Hence, special care should be taken to maintain the hygiene of the mouth if you have a fixed retainer by following the proper tips for good  oral health. The use of flossing technique by making the floss threaders to pass the dental floss into the tiny space between the retainer and the teeth is advised.