Respiratory disease and periodontal disease connection

Respiratory diseases and bacterial respiratory infections are caused when fine droplets are inhaled from the mouth and throat to the lungs. These droplets include microbes which can cause damage to the lungs and lead to respiratory disease. These germs breed and multiply within the lungs as well. According to the experts there is the Respiratory disease and periodontal disease connections. 

Individuals who have bacteria in the oral cavity, particularly individuals suffering from periodontal disease, are more likely to suffer from respiratory diseases because these bacteria are inhaled into the lungs through the mouth and cause infection. So, there should be immediate periodontal disease treatment. These respiratory diseases can be of several types, particularly pneumonia, emphysema and bronchitis. Individuals who have periodontal disease due to long-term smoking are even more vulnerable to respiratory disease.

Periodontal disease can eventually lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD). These diseases attempt to block the airways. Individuals who smoke inhale the bacteria in their oral cavity and pass it to their lungs causing COPD. Individuals who are suffering from COPD have weakened immune systems, and this makes the treatment even more complex.


There are several reasons why it is considered by experts that there is a link between periodontal disease and respiratory disease. Some of these reasons are:

  • Periodontal disease is caused mainly by a particular type of bacterium. This bacterium has the tendency to shift easily from the oral cavity to the lower respiratory tract. Subsequently, it settles into the lungs and causes respiratory problems such as pneumonia and COPD.
  • Since individuals suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease suffer from lower immunity as well, this supports and allows bacteria to cluster in the oral cavity and cause periodontal disease without being stopped by the immune system. In this way, the periodontal disease worsens, and later on, this periodontal disease becomes the reason for worsening COPD.
  • Smoking is another major factor which can cause periodontal disease along with respiratory disease. With regular, long-term smoking, the health of the oral cavity is affected, and the respiratory disease triggers as well. Read the severe effects of smoking and the Oral Dental Care Professionals recommendations for good health.
  • As the periodontal disease causes inflammation in the gums and the oral tissues, the bacteria which cause this inflammation can also cause inflammation in the respiratory system. This will block the airways to some extent and can cause COPD.

The periodonist and the doctor should act as a team, and should together execute the periodontal disease treatment of a person who has a respiratory disease and periodontal disease. It is advisable that individuals who are suffering from respiratory diseases, should without doubt consult a dental heath care provider or a periodonist for a complete examination and evaluation of the oral cavity. If required, the individual should undergo the necessary treatment for the periodontal disease as well. Your risk of a respiratory infection is much higher if you have periodontal disease. Also, get Dental Hygiene Tips For Better Oral Health