Removable appliances

When you want to get dental appliances for yourself, you should know that fixed and permanent dental appliances are not the only options available. There are a number of removable appliances available. According to the Oral Health Care Specialist, these wide ranging removable dental appliances can offer complete protection to your teeth and gums and also offer great convenience. These removable dental appliances can be used for functional and cosmetic purposes. Lets take a look at some of them:


Dentures are used to replace missing teeth. Instead of fixing permanent teeth in your mouth, you can go for removable dentures which can be very convenient. If you have one or more teeth missing, then you can get partial dentures made for you. Removable partial dentures are better than bridges because they can be removed, cleaned and inserted back into the mouth whereas bridges can not be removed. Partial dentures are also available in flexible types which do not contain metal, which is used in regular partial dentures. 

If you have lost all your teeth, then you can go for the removable full dentures. These support you in performing all the functions which you would perform with natural teeth. The chances of bone loss is also minimized with the application of full dentures. You can easily remove these dentures and clean them to sustain oral hygiene. To maintain the good oral condition, get Oral Health Free Dental Advice!


With the passage of time, teeth can also get chipped, torn off and subject to tooth erosion. Parts of the teeth can also get broken which can cause more serious problems. For protection of the teeth against such damage and to prevent more serious damage, removable mouth guards can be used.

The removable mouth guards also prove to be helpful for people who are into sports. They completely protect the teeth during sports activities. This will save you from tooth loss and broken teeth. Similarly, individuals who suffer from the condition of Bruxism, can use removable night guards. These removable appliances protect the teeth of the individual who has a habit of grinding their teeth whilst sleeping.

Removable tongue thrust dental guards are also available for individuals who have a habit of pushing their tongue against their front teeth. This habit can be very damaging for the teeth and by using this removable appliance, the teeth can be protected.

Removable orthodontic appliances

Some people have the problem of crooked teeth. Although wearing dental braces is a treatment option, this option is permanent and fixed. You also have the option to go for removable appliances for the treatment of the problem.

Orthodontic retainers can be used by such people to maintain the perfect structure of the teeth. In the same way, removable space maintainer is a removable appliance that is best for children who lose a tooth prematurely and prevents the remaining teeth from moving. In order to keep up the maintenance of the retainers, follow good Dental Health Care Tips