Redness of the gums

Redness of the gums is a symptom which can be easily treated, however, if the treatment is not done at the right time, then more serious diseases such as periodontal disease are more likely to occur. This redness is ignored by many people, some do not even notice it until their dental hygienist informs them that the color of their gums have changed. Some people notice but do not take it seriously and pay no attention to it.

There can be various reasons for the redness of gums. Firstly, bad oral health is the root cause of all types of diseases of the oral cavity, including the redness of gums. Inappropriate or infrequent brushing and flossing cause plaque to cluster on the teeth, which eventually turns into tartar. Later on, this tartar causes several types of gum disease with redness of gums acting as the initial symptoms.

Poorly fitted dentures are also among the reasons for this. It is often seen, when any dental appliance is not properly fitted into the oral cavity, that the gums become red and swollen. This also includes poor fillings and cracked crowns. Sometimes, dental procedures such as deep root scaling may also cause gum redness.

Pregnancy can also be among the factors which cause redness of the gums. Women who are pregnant, may have red and swollen gums when their hormone levels change. The gums also bleed more easily.