The premolars are the teeth which are located after the canines and before the molars. In total, there are eight premolars in the mouth of a person, two on the right side maxilla, and two on the left side maxilla, two on the right side mandible and two on the left side mandible. These are the premolars that requires Diagnosis and Treatment of Bilateral Premolar:

  • Maxillary first premolar
  • Maxillary second premolar
  • Mandibular first premolar
  • Mandibular second premolar

Diagnosis and treatment in Maxillary first premolar for three canals requires a root canal therapy UK and other dental treatments suitable for premolars. For bilateral mandibular second premolar, endodontic therapy UK is functional. in order to understand the morphology of the tooth structure, endodontic therapy is must. Due to the variation in number of roots and canal configuration of the maxillary first premolars, the internal anatomy is particularly complex.  Functionally, these are transitional teeth and the food which is eaten is moved from the canines to the premolars first, and then it is moved to the molars so that the food gets ground perfectly. The first mandibular premolar consists of one large buccal cusp and the second mandibular premolar has two lingual cusps. A thorough knowledge regarding the basic root canal morphology and the possible variations of root canal anatomy is must for the successful endodontic treatment. 

The first permanent premolar tooth erupts at the age of nine years usually and the second at age ten. These are the premolars that require a proper dental treatments due to the bilateral and a regular visit to your dentist.