Premature births and periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is basically an infection in the bones and gums. It is caused by plaque, which is a sticky coating of bacteria. Constant and regular dental cleaning and following the proper Dental Hygiene Tips For Better Oral Health  is required to remove the plaque. The outcome of the plaque are toxins, these toxins disturb the gums. According to estimates, 75% of adults are affected with periodontal infections during their lifetime. Women who are expecting a baby are more vulnerable to periodontal disease. 

Research has confirmed that pregnant women who have periodontal disease are more vulnerable to giving birth to premature babies. It is said that the biological fluids which induce labor increase to higher levels due to the periodontal disease of the pregnant mother. It has also been observed that women whose periodontal condition deteriorates during pregnancy are more likely to give birth prematurely.

The most appropriate precautionary measure against having a premature baby for a pregnant woman is to take good care of her teeth and gums, she should get her gums evaluated thoroughly by a general dentist or periodonist, and in the event of any infection or disease, should get the appropriate periodontal disease treatment. What makes it more complicated is the fact that gum diseases are usually unidentifiable. Most people remain unaware of the fact that they have gum disease. Hence, regular check-ups and evaluation of the teeth and gums is vital for everyone but particularly for pregnant women. Upon the identification of periodontal disease, treatment should be initiated without delay.

A research team, which comprised of obstetrician-gynecologists, periodonists and epidemiologists conducted a research and examined 124 births. The research showed that periodontal infections might be the reason for the premature births of babies.

It is advisable that pregnant women should have an examination of their gums for periodontal infections. It is a matter of concern that if a pregnant woman has periodontal infections, she is releasing toxins and bacteria into the bloodstream just by brushing her teeth or eating anything. By getting into the bloodstream, the toxins and bacteria target the fetus, eventually causing premature delivery. So, follow Oral Health Tips for Proper Dental Care and visit nearby dentist for any severe condition.