Permanent molars

There are twelve molars in the mouth. The molars are the most intricate kind of teeth and these exist at the rear of the mouth. These teeth are effectively used for grinding the food prior to swallowing. The molars exist in sets of three teeth on each quadrate, this means three molars on the right side maxilla and three molars on the left side maxilla, three molars on the right side mandible and three molars on the left side mandible.

The third tooth of each set is called the wisdom tooth. This is the tooth which erupts lastly among all the permanent teeth. Usually, the wisdom teeth erupt between the ages of seventeen to twenty one, depending upon the individual. The wisdom teeth erupt after breaking the gums. This is the reason extreme pain is usually experienced by the individual when the wisdom teeth erupt. In order to learn about impacted wisdom teeth get Oral Health Free Dental Advice and know more about the treatment.

The permanent molars are classified as:

  • Maxillary first molar
  • Maxillary second molar
  • Maxillary third molar
  • Mandibular first molar
  • Mandibular second molar
  • Mandibular third molar

The maxillary first molar consists of three roots; these are named as the mesiobuccal root, distobuccal root and the palatal root. After the mandibular first molars, the maxillary first molars are the teeth which are most vulnerable to dental caries and go through dental treatments like root canal treatment the most often like.

The maxillary second molar is the tooth after the maxillary first molar, children who have deciduous teeth do have the maxillary third molars, and hence these are the last teeth which these children have.

The maxillary third molar and the mandibular third molars are known as wisdom teeth. Usually there are four wisdom teeth, however, some people have the experience of having more than four wisdom teeth, and the excess teeth are called supernumerary teeth. Some people do not develop wisdom teeth at all.

The mandibular first molars usually exist opposite the maxillary first molar. These teeth are also mainly used for grinding and chewing food. This is the tooth which erupts first when the permanent teeth start erupting. The mandibular first molars are the teeth which are most vulnerable to be affected with dental caries and which go through dental treatments most often the root canal treatment. The mandibular second molars come next to the first molars.