Periodontal flap surgery

When periodontitis cannot be cured with the use of antibiotics and other procedures such as root planing and scaling, then periodontal flap surgery is the only technique left to deal with the Dental problems and treatment of the periodontitis. By periodontal flap surgery, the periodontist effectively cleans the roots of a tooth, and the damage caused to the bone due to periodontitis can also be treated at this time.

Local anesthesia is required for periodontal flap surgery. With this surgery, the periodontist will incise the gum, where required, and pull it back for this periodontal disease treatment. The roots of the tooth can then be easily cleaned and if the bone is damaged, it can be repaired as well. After the cleaning and repairing is done, the gum is sutured back into place. Appropriate gauze and dressing is applied to stop the bleeding and to let the healing start.

Besides cleaning the roots of the tooth, a damaged bone can also be repaired with the periodontal flap surgery. This repairing includes:

  • Reshaping and smoothing of the bone. This is done to prevent the development of plaque
  • Bone grafting: by replacing the actual bone with a bone from another part of the body or with a denture material.

The healing process takes a few days. Even after the surgery, good care and maintenance with the Dentist Advice About Oral Health Care is required for the teeth and gums so that the treatment is successful and the effects of periodontitis fade away. Periodontal flap surgery effectively prevents the further growth of periodontitis. With the surgery, the gums of the patient become healthier and pink as they should be.