Young adults who experience the problem of partial tooth impaction are susceptible to Pericoronitis. Tooth impaction is the condition when a tooth is unable to erupt because it is blocked by another tooth or teeth, and in this situation, the impacted tooth is crooked.

Typically, adults between the ages of 17and 24, who start to experience the eruption of wisdom teeth, suffer from this condition. The gums tissue around the wisdom teeth becomes inflamed due to bacterial infection. This condition can be caused by poor oral hygiene or physical trauma on the adjacent tissues.

The reason why individuals suffering from partial tooth impaction are more affected by Pericoronitis is that the area of a partially erupted tooth cannot be easily cleaned, and hence Pericoronitis can occur. The pain caused by the condition is severe.

Dental irrigation is the treatment that is usually given by dentists for curing Pericoronitis. If the symptoms are more severe, such as fever, difficulty in swallowing and disability in opening the mouth fully, then antibiotics would be prescribed. Sometimes, the extraction of the partially impacted tooth is the only solution. If the proper treatment is not started quickly, the infection could grow and spread to the complete oral cavity.