Palatal expander

The palatal expander is a dental device which can widen the upper jaw, so that the upper and lower tooth arch fit together and meet perfectly. Usually, the palatal expander is used by children, however, in some situations adults can also use the palatal expander, and the effects of the expansion can sometimes, to some extent, tight and uncomfortable. So, meet your dentist for the proper fitting of the dental device. also, follow complete Dental Health Care Tips!

With the application of the palatal expander, usually but not always, a space is created between the two upper front teeth. This space or gap is closed naturally, and sometimes the need for installing braces may arise because the teeth overlap. At times, the patient has to manipulate the expansion screws himself with the intention of tightening the expander. The bionator is another dental device, which can be used for the purpose if the expansion is not administered by the patient.

Some people feel slight pressure on their teeth when they use a palatal expander, this might vary from individual to individual. The gap or space is created between the front two teeth when the patient uses the expansion screw. The process takes several days until the individual can eat and speak without any discomfort. Get Dental Hygiene Tips For Better Oral Health! Also, meet Oral Health Care Professionals!  

Since the palatal expander is bulky, it might take some time for the individual to get used to it. The tongue would require to be adjusted according to the palatal expander since the expander would fixed on the palate which is more near to the tongue.