Overdentures precision attachments

Overdentures are like regular dentures. When teeth are replaced by regular dentures, the bone in the jaw can recede. Overdentures can be used to deal with this Dental problems and treatment is given further. Over dentures precision attachment is done to hold the dentures.

With overdentures, the teeth are not completely extracted, but instead a part of them and the roots are left, this is so that the denture can be fixed onto these teeth and they anchor them in place.With this method, the chances of bone loss can be reduced to nil.

The natural teeth, which extend above the gum line, are removed first with this process. Then, root canal therapy UK is performed on the teeth, this ensures that the teeth and gums are completely free of any type of infection. Sometimes, the dentist may need to fix metal caps on the teeth so that the teeth remain absolutely protected and secure. The size and shape of the teeth are determined and models are prepared. After producing the perfect overdentures, these are fixed in the mouth and attached to the natural teeth.

Usually people who have overdentures fixed experience some brief problems, these include:

  • Problems whilest chewing, the denture may tip provisionally
  • Excess saliva is produced in the mouth
  • It might feel bulky, gagging might be experienced
  • The tongue would not feel very free
  • Difficulty in speaking is also experienced by many people

These problems are temporary and soon go away. There is no need to worry about them, as they are normal. After a short time, you will be eating and speaking as you used to.

The precision attachments are made of plastic or metal, or both, and these are the actual functional mechanical parts of the dentures. The precision attachment consists of two parts, the male and female. The male part is connected to the crown of the teeth and the female part is attached to the dentures. With the use of precision attachment, the dentures can be conveniently worn and removed by the individual. t Follow Oral Health Free Dental Advice