Oral fibroma

Oral fibroma or Ossifying fibroma is a mouth disease in which the gums overgrow due to trauma or irritation. The color of these fibromas can vary from red to pink and usually, the gums are ulcerated. Females are more susceptible to ossifying fibroma. Oral health care specialist suggests curing this disease sooner so as to avoid any kind of serious consequences. The commonest location is on the inside of the cheek exactly where the upper and the lower teeth meet. There are other most probable sites where this disease can occur which are sides of the tongue, gums and inside lower lip. The most significant feature of this disease is that it does not have any kind of the symptom apart from the feel and the appearance. Local reactive focal growths are basically found in the oral cavities. Oral fibroma mainly occurs in older adults but can occur at any age. The infected surface may be further ulcerated due to trauma or become rough and scaly.

This mouth disease only affects the gingiva, and most often the maxillary gingiva is infected. Generally, the gums near the incisors and canines become infected. Oral fibroma is also known as the traumatic fibroma. It is peculiarly clearer than the surrounding tissues but has the same color as the mouth lining. Moreover, fibroma is mainly found at the oral cavity leading to the overgrowths of the tissues.Oral fibromas develop over week or months to reach a maximum size.

Surgical treatment is required to cure this mouth disease. The lesion formed has to be removed to the bone. The teeth near the infected gums need to be cleaned properly so that chances of further infections and the possible source of irritation can be eliminated.

Even after the surgical treatment, sometimes the disease might reoccur. Thus to avoid any further critical condition Oral health care professionals suggest to take in the note about the occurrence of the disease beforehand.