Mouthwash reaction kills woman in Brighton

Did you know that a reaction to mouthwash can be fatal? In Brighton, during a routine dental treatment, Sacha Rumaner suffered a reaction to a mouthwash and experienced an anaphylactic shock which proved to be terminal. Sacha was 30 years of age and this episode took place at the Morley Street Family Dental Clinic Brighton.

According to the judicial investigation, Sacha Rumaner went to the Morley Street Family Dental Clinic on the 2nd of February due to the pain in her mouth where a tooth had been removed a week ago. The staff at the dental clinic rinsed her mouth with a household mouthwash, and Ms. Rumaner complained of a hot and itchy feeling after the rinse. Within a couple of minutes, she became unconscious and fell to the floor. At the outset the staff at the dental clinic were unable to identify the actual problem and an ambulance was called. The dental staff believed that the patient was suffering from an epileptic seizure, but it was in fact anaphylactic shock. Understanding to this, the Oral Health Care Professionals look up sudden changes instantly. 
A verdict of death by medical misadventure was recorded by Coroner Karen Henderson at the Brighton County Court.

Dr. Henderson also stated that “Undoubtedly there are areas of concern, protocols were not adhered to and matters, particularly relating to resuscitation, were not done as smoothly as one would have hoped. The failure to diagnose anaphylactic shock was regrettable but understandable in the light of the extraordinary speed of the illness.”

Dr. Henderson also mentioned that as Sacha Rumaner collapsed very quickly, any attempt to resuscitate would have been very difficult even if the dental staff had recognized that she was suffering from anaphylactic shock. She also stated that in such a condition, adrenaline should be injected into the body of the patient promptly in order to control the condition and is the vital step for a good Cosmetic Dental Treatment.

Sacha Rumaner experienced anaphylactic shock due to the chlorhexidine in the mouthwash. The medical history of the patient did not state that she could react so severely to the ingredient of the mouthwash. The family of the deceased hoped that the findings of the case would help others in the future. Katy Meade, the solicitor for the family stated “Today’s verdict brings a long-awaited explanation to the tragic death of an exceptionally kind and joyful young woman.”

Dr. Henderson requested the Sussex Community NHS Trust to review its provisions for resuscitation, equipment and drugs in all dental treatment rooms. The “deepest sympathies and condolences” were offered to the family of Sacha Rumaner by Andy Painton, who is the chief executive of Sussex Community NHS Trust. Andy stated that the comments of Dr. Henderson would be taken into consideration when reviewing the procedures.