Minor trauma to the lips or tongue

Mouth injuries are very common, in particular, children often face such injuries. The injuries of the mouth might involve the lips, tongue, teeth, jaw, inner cheeks, gums, roof of the mouth, and even neck and tonsils.

It has often been observed that mouth injuries seem to be more severe than they actually are. Even small cuts or punctures caused by minor trauma can sometimes bleed a great deal, making the situation even worse. This happens because the oral cavity has a lot of blood vessels, particularly in the lip and tongue areas. First aid and home treatment are usually sufficient to stop the bleeding, reduce the pain and to prevent infection. Get, Dentist Advice About Oral Health Treatments as your dentist will recommend you the good tips for maintaining your oral health.

Sometimes even minor trauma to the lips or tongue may require stitches because even minor trauma to the lips and tongue can cause a big loose flap of tissue or a gaping wound. Stitching a small wound on the lip is also performed due to cosmetic reasons.

Minor trauma to the lips or tongue also includes the trauma experienced during piercing. This can be caused when the skin on the lip or tongue or under the tongue rips or tears. Generally, these types of trauma do not cause a wound which would require stitches. The causes of minor trauma to the lips or tongue include altercations or fights, contact sports, falls, automobile accidents, seizures and syncope. Sometimes, home treatment is enough but sometimes you need help from Oral Health Care Specialist.

Mouth injuries due to minor trauma to the lips or tongue are most common among children. Any sharp object or blow to the child can cause injury to the lip or tongue, even the teeth of the child can cause mouth injury. In the case of minor trauma to the lips or tongue, the parents should take steps to control the situation immediately; they should firstly stop the bleeding, distract the child while the treatment is on, apply an ice pack or even a bag of frozen veggies to reduce the pain and to prevent swelling, provide some pain-killers if required, feed the child with care and let the wound take its time to heal. Usually such minor injuries heal within three to four days.

Professional treatment from a doctor would be necessary if the bleeding does not stop, if the cut caused by minor trauma to the lips or tongue is longer than half an inch, debris or dirt has embedded on the wound, the minor trauma is caused by a dirty or rusty object or the trauma is caused by animal or human bite. Get, Dentist Advice About Oral Health Treatments for your good oral health.