Leukoplakia is a condition occurring within the mouth in which thickened white patches are formed on the tongue, gums and the inner cheeks associated with an increased risk of cancer. These patches are actually sores and are formed in response to chronic irritation. When it is in the advanced form, there develop red patches. It is classified as a mucosal disease and premalignant condition. The white patches are classified as a homogenous leukoplakia. It requires proper oral treatment with Orthodontist. And also the Cause of Leukoplakia must not be overlooked.

The foremost cause of leukoplakia is the consumption of tobacco, whether it is smoked or chewed. The other factors which can cause leukoplakia are human papillomavirus, candida albicans, smoking, chewing tobacco and alcohol. Trauma from dentures, sharp fillings and sharp edges on the teeth can also injure the mouth and cause leukoplakia. Mostly, there exist no symptoms for leukoplakia but is examined as discomfort or pain. They can appear as white, whitish yellow, or grey.  

Usually, leukoplakia sores are precancerous lesions and hence, they require intense and focused treatments. In order to eliminate leukoplakia, the actual cause of the condition should be found and removed. Consumption of tobacco is the most common cause, should be avoided recommended for the importance of dental hygiene. Chewing of betel should be avoided as well. If leukoplakia is caused by dentures or rough teeth, then they should be treated right away. A biopsy should be done in order to detect any chances of cancer. Surgery, being the first choice of the  Oral Dental Care Professionals might also be required to get rid of the lesions.