IPR- interproximal reduction

Interproximal reduction (IPR) is a dental treatment in which the small particles of the enamel, which is the outer surface of a tooth, are removed from two adjacent teeth. This is done with the purpose of providing some space between the teeth when the patient is experiencing overcrowding. The interproximal reduction ensures that perfect alignment of the teeth is achieved. The appearance of the teeth is also improved with this treatment. Oral Health Care Specialist recommends it for the perfect alignment of the teeth and the beautiful smile.

The reasons for the interproximal reduction can be the following:

  • To get rid of small chips
  • For altering the length of the tooth and to correct excessively long teeth
  • To change the shape and position of the tooth
  • To get rid of overcrowding of the teeth
  • To improve the alignment between the teeth
  • Can be sometimes applied as a substitute for dental braces
  • For treatment of malocclusion, it helps to improve the bite
  • It can increase the life of the tooth because it can improve the stability of the tooth
  • The black triangles formed, due to the absence of gum tissues, can be eliminated
  • Sometimes this treatment can eradicate the requirement for surgical tooth extraction UK.

The enamel does not grow back and hence, once some part of the enamel is removed, it will not return. The interproximal reduction sometimes cuts the enamel to such an extent that the dentin can become visible.

The interproximal reduction treatment is pretty safe and does not cause any vulnerability to diseases of gums or teeth. Temporary sensitivity to hot or cold items may be experienced by some people though. Since only a minimal amount of the enamel is removed in the process, the treatment is almost painless and does not offer any discomfort. visit your nearby dentist for Dental problems and treatment!