Gum inflammation

Gum inflammation, gum bleeding and greater sensitivity of the teeth and gums are basically the symptoms that show your gums are vulnerable to more serious gum diseases. Individuals who experience gum inflammation should immediately consult a professional periodontist or dental hygienist before the gums become more damaged. Gum inflammation is among the initial stages of periodontal disease and if the proper treatment is not done, it may lead to more serious diseases, including loss of teeth.

This issue is always overlooked by people. The reality is, gum inflammation does not only cause diseases of the oral cavity and gums, but it can be one of the reasons for more serious diseases in the long-run, such as strokes or heart disease.


Bacteria cluster in the oral cavity of everyone. Proper and regular brushing and flossing is required to get rid of the bacteria. These bacteria combine with the mucus and other particles in the mouth to create plaque, which is a colorless and sticky matter on the teeth. Later on, this plaque turns into a more hardened material called tartar, which cannot be cleaned with simple brushing or flossing. It requires a specialized cleaning process to remove it. One of the main causes of gum inflammation and gum diseases is smoking.

More Symptoms

  • Gums become swollen
  • The color of the gums change, from pink to bright red or purple
  • Painful gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Bad breath
  • Shrinking of the gums


In order to cure the gums, the tartar and plaque on the teeth must be removed first. This can be done by special techniques, using scaling and scraping instruments, by your periodontist or dental hygienist. Usually, after the elimination of the tartar and plaque, the gums reattach with the teeth naturally. In some cases, gingivectomy may be the only solution in ridding you of your gum inflammation and gum disease. It becomes necessary when the patient has pockets in the gums which becomell of bacteria and tartar.


Good oral health is vital in preventing gum inflammation and gum disease, and also during the treatment of the disease. Regular and proper brushing and flossing is key. This will prevent the plaque from clustering on the teeth in the first place and also get rid of the bacteria in the oral cavity.

Moreover, it is recommended that once in a while, everyone should have their teeth scaled. This will remove the plaque and tartar from the teeth. It is also advised that every person should frequently have his/her oral health evaluated by a dental hygienist. Smoking is also among the major causes of gum inflammation and gum disease. Regular smoking will cause gum disease and various other diseases in the long run..