Functional dental appliances

Functional Dental Appliances are appliances which use the force created by the muscles of the face and jaw for the treatment of malocclusion or other dental problems. Functional appliances can be removable and/or fixed. The treatment used before the age of ten years is regarded as an early treatment that is no more effective and is less efficient than treatment commenced at 10 to 14 years. visit your nearby dentist for the oral treatment with Orthodontist.

Removable functional appliances

The following are some of the removable functional appliances which can be used:

  • The Andresen appliance: this removable functional appliance controls the habit of overbite. This appliance makes the molars over-erupt
  • Bionator: these appliances stay positioned in the mouth in the space surrounding the teeth and can expand the palate, hence creating space for new incoming teeth
  • Biobloc: an appliance which is used to forward the lower jaw
  • Clark twin block: this appliance is also used to provide forward posture to the lower jaw. It has two components, the upper part, and the lower part.
  • Bass Dynamax: similar to the Clark twin block which maintains the mandibular protrusion with the mouth open
  • Orthodontic headgear: is attached to the dental braces and is used for the treatment of severe biting problems

Fixed functional appliances

Herbst Appliance: this appliance involves four crowns made of stainless steel. These cover the four corner teeth of each arch.

Your dentist will explain the whole procedure and the number of hours per day you are expected to wear the braces. In order to make your treatment go on smoothly, you need to follow the complete Oral Health Free Dental Advice! Ask Oral Health Care Specialist today!