Full dentures

Dentures are the prosthetic or false teeth which replace missing teeth in the mouth. These dentures are made in such a way that the adjacent soft and hard tissues in the oral cavity support them. When the individual does not have any the teeth in a complete arch, either the upper or the lower, or both, then full dentures are provided. There is the need to get Dental Health Care Tips for proper care later on. 

Full dentures end behind the hard bone in the mouth. This ensures that the dentures remain fixed and stable. The upper denture remains fixed in the mouth using suction. Usually, 3 to 4 visits to the Oral Health Care Specialist will be required to achieve perfect full dentures.

The dentist examines the structure of the oral cavity of the individual. This may also include x-rays and plaster will be used to produce accurate models of the teeth. The shape, size and length of the teeth would be determined and the harmonization between the upper and lower teeth along with the face would be concluded.

Initially dentures made of wax, instead of plastic, are made. These dentures would fit loosely in the mouth. This would be a “wax try-in” and it would be checked for size and shape by fixing it in the mouth of the individual. This would give the dentist as well as the individual an opportunity to see how the dentures appear.

On the basis of the wax try-in, the actual full plastic dentures would be produced and they would be fitted. The plastic will shrink during the process and provision for this shrinking is allowed for while producing the dentures. One must know the Importance of brushing teeth  for the dentures as for the natural teeth.