Fluoride in your food, dental products and water

Fluoride is extremely beneficial and dental experts all around the world recommend it as being useful. The frequent supply of fluoride to the teeth prevents dental caries. It can be applied to the teeth topically or systemically.

The delivery of fluoride to the teeth topically include the use of gels, kinds of toothpaste, mouthwashes, dentifrices and varnishes. It also includes the consumption of fluoridated water, tablets, drops, etc. Dental Care Professionals Directory will help you to maintain your oral health where you can easily find your dentist and get Oral Health Free Dental Advice.

Fluoride therapy

In this process, low concentrations of fluoride ions are added to the saliva in the mouth. It has the potential to reverse dental caries because it quickens the remineralization process. In the remineralization process, the tooth enamel is provided with the minerals which are required and hence dental caries can be prevented. Not only is the rate of remineralization increased, but the rate of demineralization is decreased as well.


It can also be added in an appropriate amount to drinking water. Approximately two-thirds of the public water supply in the United States is fluoridated these days.


Besides fluoridated water, toothpaste with fluoride as an ingredient is extremely common. Most of the kinds of toothpaste available today contain sodium-fluoride or sodium-monofluorophosphate. It effectively prevents dental caries because people use toothpaste to clean their teeth and gums regularly.


Similarly, most of the mouthwashes and mouth rinse available these days contain fluoride as an ingredient. Generally, it is included in mouth rinses in the form of sodium fluoride. Fluoridated mouthwashes are particularly prescribed for people who live in areas where fluoridated water is not available. People living in these areas can also use dietary supplements like tablets, liquids, lozenges, etc.


The over-consumption of fluoride can lead to health risks such as poisoning and death. Dental fluorosis is a condition which is caused when an individual receives too much fluoride during tooth development. Usually, this condition affects kids. However, some adults can be affected with dental fluorosis as well. In this condition, small white streaks or specks form on the teeth. These streaks or specks are everlasting, and initially these are unnoticeable, but later on, these might darken. in order to avoid such harmful conditions, that can later on effect your health, immediately get Oral Health Free Dental Advice