Floss, flossetes, floss-picks

Dental floss is a bunch of thin filaments or ribbons which are used cleaning the teeth. Usually, dental floss is used to remove the food particles stuck in between the teeth and to get rid of the plaque on the teeth. The thin filaments or ribbons of the dental floss are made of either nylon, Teflon or polyethylene.

Flossing technique is simple, the floss is inserted in the space between two teeth, and then it is scraped along the sides of the teeth, right to the gums. Dental floss is available in flavors as well and it can be waxed or unwaxed. Dental floss is usually available in small plastic dispensers. These dispensers contain between 10 to 50 metres of floss. A small protected blade is fixed on the disperser which cuts the floss after the required amount is pulled out .

The individual using the dental floss has to hold it between the fingers. The floss is then inserted in the space in between two teeth and under the gum line and curved around the tooth in a C shape, it is then moved away from the gum line.

In this way, the dental floss effectively removes the food particles which get trapped between the teeth, and the plaque which is accumulated in these areas can also be removed. this is ever reconmennded and known to be the best Oral Health Tips for Proper Dental Care.

Variations are also available in the thickness of the dental floss available. The dental floss should not be too thick or too thin. Thick dental floss can not effectively get in between the teeth and thin floss, on the other hand, can break very easily. The individual has to choose the dental floss which has the perfect thickness for the teeth of that individual. 

For assistance in holding the dental floss effectively whilst using, plastic wands and floss picks can also be used. Dental floss can sometimes pinch the fingers of the users; however, the plastic wands makes using it more comfortable. Plastic wands can however cam also make the flossing technique difficult when the user may not be able to reach some particularly awkward areas in the mouth.

Floss picks are a disposable device which contain two prongs. Between these two prongs, a single piece of dental floss is attached.

If dental flossing is not done regularly, or if it is done inappropriately, then bleeding gums may be the result. This is a symptom of gingivitis, the inflammation of the gum tissues. 

According to Oral Health Care Specialist, teeth should be flossed on a daily basis. It is also mentioned by the experts that when the flossing is done before brushing the teeth, then the fluoride in the toothpaste reaches the inner areas more easily. Hence, it is better to floss before brushing the teeth.

There are numerous benefits to flossing the teeth, all types of diseases and infections of the gums and teeth can be prevented with regular and proper flossing. Dental caries and halitosis can be prevented as well.