Five facts about teeth which you might not know

Teeth are very important parts of the body

Here are five facts about teeth which people usually do not know about. Let us discuss the 5 important facts about teeth which are not well known.

Sour can be damaging to teeth as well

People think that sugar is the only thing which can be detrimental to the teeth. Undoubtedly, sugary food items can aid in the demineralization process and can damage the tooth enamel by lowering the pH levels. Eventually, dental cavities are formed on the teeth. It is also important to note that acidic and sour food items can also cause dental caries. These acidic items have very low pH levels these can cause as much damage as sweet food items. Dentist recommends proper foods for oral health in order to prevent dental cavities.

Although tooth enamel is hard, it can break easily

The tooth enamel can get damaged and chipped by trauma and consumption of food items like ice and popcorn. Care should be taken with the enamel because once it is broken or chipped, it cannot grow back. In the same way, lip piercings and tongue piercings can also damage the tooth enamel if you bite on it. In order to protect the teeth and to make sure that the teeth serve you for the rest of your life, it is important that the teeth should not be used as bottle openers or for any other purpose which could damage or break the tooth enamel.

Tooth loss can occur at any age

If proper care of the teeth is not taken, then anyone can experience tooth loss at any age. Some people think that they will only lose their teeth at an elderly age, this is a misconception. When proper Dentist Advice About Oral Health Care is overlooked, the teeth and gums become subject to different diseases of the oral cavity. If treatment is not initiated within time, a tooth or possibly more than one tooth would need to be extracted by the dentist and dentures and other devices would be needed to replace the missing tooth or teeth.

Most common incidences of tooth extraction involve the wisdom teeth. Impacted and embedded wisdom teeth need surgical tooth extraction UK. Moreover, gum disease and dental cavities are among the top causes of tooth loss.

Fluoride is good for teeth, but excessive fluoride can be bad for your teeth

Fluoride boosts the pace of remineralization process and helps prevent dental cavities. It makes the tooth enamel stronger and protects the teeth. However, it should also be noted that some people, particularly children can suffer from a condition known as fluorosis due to excessive consumption of fluoride. Initially, fluorosis causes white spots on the teeth, which eventually turn into unsightly brown spots. Usually, this condition occurs when people consume fluoridated water along with the consumption of fluoride toothpaste or fluoride supplements in excessive quantities.

Consumption of fluoride excessively also causes the teeth to become more porous. Children should be instructed not to swallow fluoride toothpaste while brushing the teeth and know the importance of brushing teeth. They should be educated to squeeze out only a pea-size amount of the fluoride toothpaste on the brush so that they avoid swallowing the excess.

Dental braces can cause dental cavities

Dental braces are fantastic devices to align the teeth and to improve the functionality and aesthetics of the teeth. However, it should be kept in mind that people who have dental braces should take special care while cleaning the teeth because dental cavities can be formed in the areas where the toothbrush and dental floss cannot reach for cleaning. Dental braces sometimes become an obstacle to cleaning the teeth thoroughly and to removing the plaque and food particles from everywhere.

The areas around the brackets of the dental braces are particularly difficult in this regard because most often this area stays unclean and dental plaque starts accumulating. Due to this, the demineralization process speeds up in such areas and the tooth enamel starts to get damaged. Eventually, dental cavities occur. People who have dental braces should follow proper Dental Health Care Tips of the cleanliness of their teeth and they need to brush and floss with extraordinary effort.

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