Fissure sealants – Are they really protecting your teeth?

The top surface of your teeth which you use to chew food is not flat and level. Its surface has tiny, hills and valleys like structures – pits and fissures. Now, the pits and fissures can be ideal hideouts for dental plaque and bacteria. Because the gap in these structures is so narrow, even the bristles of the toothbrush are unable to reach inside. Proper cleaning becomes almost impossible. The way to prevent the accumulation of dental plaque and dental cavities is to apply fissure sealants. Also, a good Dentist Advice About Oral Health Treatments is must!

Fissure sealants

Fissure sealants are made of a special plastic material which seals the pits and fissures protect against dental caries and tooth decay. These thin plastic coatings can effectively prevent the accumulation of food particles, germs and plaque on the tiny grooves on the surface of the teeth. The formation of dental plaque on pits and fissures is common among children and teens. If the Oral Dental Care Professionals applies fissure sealants immediately after eruption, then the chances of tooth decay become minimal.

Process of applying fissure sealant

The process of applying fissure does not involve removing the tooth structure or drilling, it’s pain-free! According to the Oral Dental Care Professionals the dentist simply cleans the tooth with toothbrush and toothpaste. Then, he applies a special type of gel to the pits and fissures. After that, he will clean and wash the teeth and dry the gel. The fissure sealant is painted on the pits and fissures of the tooth. The dentist then uses a particular type of laser light to harden the sealant. In about a minute, the fissure sealant becomes hard enough to act as a protective shield. During the procedure, the individual has to keep the mouth wide open so that the tooth will dry and the dentist can perform the procedure conveniently. Fissure sealants are barely visible.

Usually, the fissure sealants remain intact for approximately five to ten years. Regular dental checkups are necessary and if reapplication is required, then the dentist will perform the treatment again. The most significant advantage of applying fissure sealants is that it saves money, time and prevents tooth decay in the long run.