Facial trauma

Facial trauma, or maxillofacial trauma, is an injury to the face. This injury can be an injury to the soft tissues, or even fracture to the bones of the face. Injuries to the soft tissues include bruises or burns, etc, while facial fractures include fracture of the jaw or nose, etc. Typically, facial trauma includes injury to the upper jaw bone, hence its name, maxillofacial trauma. So, need to get oral and maxillofacial surgery! You need to immediately contact with the Oral Health Care Specialist!

The most common causes of facial trauma include:

  • Accidents, especially automobile accidents
  • Violence, fights, etc
  • Piercing, penetrating injuries
  • Sport injuries
  • Animal attacks

oral and maxillofacial surgery is required for the treatment of facial trauma. The surgery is done to effectively achieve the following results:

  • To control the bleeding caused by the facial trauma
  • If the airway is affected, then unblocking and clearing the airway
  • In the case of facial bone fracture, the broken bones can be repaired by the use of titanium plates, screws, etc.
  • To get rid of the scars and marks on the face caused by the facial trauma, as much as possible

If the facial trauma causes blockage to the airway, then it is treated immediately so that the airway is completely cleared, otherwise it can be fatal. If the facial trauma involves exterior wounds and injury, then appropriate dressing of the wounds is done. The broken bones of the face, if any, are repaired using metal plates, wire, screws, etc. In some cases, bone grafting may also be required.