Endodontic abscess

When pockets of pus accumulate in the jawbone right near the roots of the teeth, they are called endodontic abscess. This condition is painful and when the individual bites or taps on the tooth, it hurts. Swelling may also occur in the area. Moreover, the taste of the mouth becomes noticeably bad. The condition seems to be worse and there is a need for complete endodontic therapy UK!

The oral cavity is full of bacteria, which should be removed on a regular basis. When these bacteria infect a tooth and then infect its inner pulp layer, endodontic abscess starts. From the pulp, the infection goes through the root canals to the jawbone. This is where the pus is built-up and a hole in the bone is created.

An endodontic abscess is very sore and painful. Moreover, if it is not treated, it can cause more damage to the bone and the ligaments adjacent to the tooth. If the endodontic abscess is left untreated, it may even lead to the loss of bone. So, it is vital to get Dentist Advice About Oral Health Treatments! As the infection continues to grow deeper and it the appropriate treatment is not started, it can reach into and start damaging the immune system which could be life-threatening.

The appropriate treatment for an endodontic abscess is root canal treatment. This treatment is usually done in cases of endodontic abscess and it can effectively remove the infection from the affected areas. If the condition is more severe, and root canal treatment is not enough to cure it, then root end surgery would be required. Root end surgery is the procedure in which the root tip of the tooth is taken out, a root end cavity is arranged and it is filled with material.