Do not overlook bad breath

The condition of having a bad breath is known as halitosis. With this condition, breathing out will produce an unpleasant odor. There are numerous causes of halitosis. Amongst these, the bacteria on the tongue are the most common. When the tongue is not cleaned regularly, halitosis might be the result. Another cause might be the bacteria in the oral cavity.  Gum or periodontal disease is also among the factors which can cause bad breath. So you must take preventive measures for bad breath treatment or it can cause severe problems further.

How to eliminate bad breath

If you are suffering from chronic bad breath then you should visit the physician or doctor’s office immediately as there may be a serious cause for the condition. The following methods could effectively eliminate or significantly reduce the problem of bad breath:

  • Brushing the teeth and using the flossing technique regularly and properly, twice a day, particularly after every meal is a very effective method to prevent bad breath. The tongue should also be cleaned with the toothbrush or a tongue cleaner. The tongue has tiny hair-like fibers which can trap food particles and bacteria that could lead to halitosis. By cleaning the tongue properly and regularly, these food particles and bacteria will not accumulate on the tongue.


  • Frequent and regular dental check-ups with the dentist are very important in order to prevent any dental disease or condition. At the dental check-up, the dentist can diagnose a condition or disease when it is in its initial stages. This means easier and more effective treatments. A  visit to a dentist should be regular – every 6 months.


  • If the person has any disease or conditions, he should seek immediate Dentist Advice About Oral Health Treatments. In particular, this includes treatments for tooth decay, gum abscess, abscessed teeth etc. When you find out about a dental disease or condition, you should not wait for the condition to get worse to start the treatment. All this may result in a bad breath if not taken care of with proper bad breath treatment.


  • Chewing parsley after meals is also a good practice to prevent bad breath. Parsley naturally contains a breath freshener which eliminates the bad odor of the mouth.


  • Smoking has the potential to cause periodontal disease and halitosis. You should quit smoking if you want to eliminate the problem of bad breath.


  • Avoid foods such as onions, garlic, cabbage, coffee, certain spices.