The space or gap between two upper incisors is known as Diastema. You might have seen many people with diastema, these people have a gap between both of their upper front teeth. The actual cause of diastema is the imbalanced association between the teeth and the jaw. Other factors have also been identified which are believed to cause diastema. Various Factors Responsible for Diastema include the genetic history of the person, the size of the tooth discrepancy, frenum, which is the low muscle attachment between the teeth, and periodontal disease.

There are several treatment measures that can be performed by the Oral Health Care Specialist to fix the problem. These treatments include:

  • Fitting dental braces, with this method, within a year or two the gap is usually eliminated. If you are not happy with the braces, you can easily ask your Oral Health Care Specialist to provide a cosmetic procedure for the treatment of the Dentures.
  • Applying Invisalign
  • Direct dental bonding, this broadens the teeth and the gap between them is eliminated
  • There must be a diagnosing of the gum disease by your dentist which must require a complete treatment.

Diastema occurs in the natural tooth development process. Moreover, there are some other factors as well which can cause diastema. These factors are:

  • The disparity of the sizes of the teeth and the jaw
  • Missing teeth
  • Although the tooth structure may be all right, an abnormal jaw structure can cause diastema
  • Lower Lip Biting
  • Some people have a habit of pushing their tongue against the upper teeth, this can cause diastema as well
  • Oversized labial frenum