Diabetes and periodontal disease

It has been observed and mentioned by Oral Health Care Specialist that in individuals who are suffering from diabetes the occurrence of periodontal disease is much higher. The exact reasons for diabetic patients being more vulnerable to periodontal disease are still unclear and needs more research and study. However, certain factors and evidence have been found which point towards the existence of a close association between periodontal disease and diabetes. These factors are:

  • Individuals who have diabetes have a weak immune system. Due to the weakened immunity system, the bacteria which causes periodontal disease clusters more easily in the oral cavity. so, the dentist recommends periodontal disease treatment.
  • Individuals who are diabetic and who are obese have excess lipid tissue, which is also known as body fat. This lipid tissue has the tendency to produce substances which can cause inflammation of the gums and periodontal disease.
  • Capillaries are small delicate blood vessels, when the capillaries in the gums are damaged; the blood flow to the gums is affected resulting in a higher probability of periodontal disease.
  • As one of the major problems in diabetes is the weakened tendency of wound healing, the wounds in the gums caused by periodontal disease can worsen.

The glycemic control, or the blood sugar level, plays a crucial role in determining whether a person is vulnerable to periodontal disease or not.

Some important tips

  • Visit the dentist or periodonist on a regular basis if you are diabetic
  • You can save yourself from periodontal disease if you keep your blood sugar level and diabetes controlled
  • Regular and proper brushing and flossing technique for teeth is vital. Take care to clean every part of the tooth. In the case of bleeding gums, consult your dentist right away.
  • Individuals who do not have any teeth, should still visit the dentist regularly for evaluation and examination of the mouth health.
  • Having periodontal disease once and then going through the successful treatment does not mean you do not need to visit the dentist regularly. The periodontal disease can re-occur, and you still need to visit a dentist regularly.
  • Smoking is extremely harmful for gums. Periodontal disease can be worsened by smoking.


Individuals who are suffering from diabetes should regularly and frequently visit a dentist or periodonist to get their oral health evaluated and examined. Any possible gum diseases should be identified and treated appropriately before they cause significant damage. Proper cleaning of the teeth is critical for a diabetes patient.