Dental trauma treatment

Dental trauma implies any trauma to the oral cavity, face, mouth, lips, teeth or periodontium. This includes the fractures of teeth, injuries caused to the oral cavity due to periodontal apparatus and soft tissue laceration.

Tooth fractures include fractures of the enamel, fractures of the enamel-dentine, complex fracture of the tooth and fracture of the tooth root. Similarly, trauma caused by periodontal apparatus includes subluxation of the tooth, intrusion of the tooth, luxation of the tooth and avulsion of the tooth. There is a proper need of Dental Health Care Tips to be followed!

The use of a mouthguard is vital during activities in which there are chances of getting dental trauma. For instance, when playing sports, or for people who have the habit of bruxism. Mouthguards have the potential to protect the teeth against hard blows which cause fractures and injuries to the teeth.

When, due to the dental trauma, the pulp gets damaged, then there are only two options left for the dentist to eliminate the pain and discomfort of the patient. These two treatment options are root canal and surgical tooth extraction UK. A good oral hygiene plays a vital role in this situation as well.

The root canal treatment or the endodontic therapy UK successfully removes the damaged pulp from the tooth. Special filling material is used by the dentist to fill the space and dress the tooth. Without the pulp, the tooth actually becomes a dead tooth which will not respond to any condition and pain will not be felt by the individual. The benefit for the individual is that the tooth does not have to be extracted and hence the patient will retain the natural tooth in his mouth.