Dental scaling

Dental scaling is the process by which the plaque and tartar on the teeth is removed. Plaque is the sticky layer which coats the teeth due to the presence of bacteria. This plaque, when not cleaned within due time, turns into a harder form known as tartar. By scaling, the dentist effectively cleans the teeth of plaque and tartar. so, for a proper dental scaling treatment contact Oral Health Care Specialist.

Plaque and tartar need to be cleaned from the teeth because failure to do so would lead to other more serious diseases such as periodontal disease that may require further periodontal disease treatment. Some individuals even lose their teeth. Regular and proper brushing and flossing, along with occasional scaling ensure complete oral health.

Dental scaling is done by a dental hygienist or periodontist with special techniques and the use of sophisticated instruments. By using these specialized instruments, the dentist will remove the plaque and tartar from the teeth. The following are the instruments and processes included in scaling:

  • An ultrasonic instrument is used to cause tickling vibrations by which the tartar is removed. This specialized instrument has also the ability to spray a cooling mist of water.
  • Specialized scalers and curettes are also used by dentists after the ultrasonic instrument for smaller tartar and plaque deposits. These are also used for smoothing the tooth surface
  • Subsequently, the teeth are polished by the dentist with the help of a special hand piece.
  • Depending upon the requirement, the dentist might also apply some fluoride to the teeth

Usually the complete scaling process is painless; however, if the patient feels discomfort or pain at any stage of the scaling process, he should inform the dental hygienist right away. also after the treatment he should keep good care of the teeth with good Dental Health Care Tips!