Dental plans and insurance

Choosing the right dental insurance and plans is important as dental costs can put real pressure on your finances.

Many people can benefit from having both NHS and private dental insurance. NHS care, although considerably cheaper than private oral treatment with Orthodontist, can still contribute to a significant annual expenditure so if you are prone to oral health problems or like to have your teeth checked regularly, dental insurance may save you large amounts of money in the long-run. Some policies also offer free preventive treatments such as screening; these kinds of treatments drastically reduce the likelihood of suffering from a serious dental health condition as they allow dentists to monitor oral health and identify any early warning signs of serious conditions.

More and more Britons are becoming aware of the necessity of taking better care of their teeth. Bad oral health can sometimes lead to other major problems including diabetes and strokes. The increase in awareness and the slow decline in the number of NHS dentists are leading the public to look for affordable private plans. The UK health insurance industry seems to be growing on the back of concern from the public that a fully supported national health system may not be sustainable in the future with Government spending cuts and decentralization. Others simply want a greater choice of where to go and who they have treated them.

Private dental insurance covers a range of private treatments and could be hugely beneficial for those who feel that NHS dental care does not meet their expectations.

Dental insurance plans offer financial contributions to dental treatment in return for a small monthly payment. Dental insurance is becoming increasingly popular, as the cost of dental treatment is rising steadily and people are struggling to afford the cost of treatment for their dental health problems. Some policies cover NHS dental treatment, while others cover private dental care.

What are the benefits of dental insurance?                                         

There are several benefits of having a dental insurance policy. Dental insurance eradicates the possibility of having to pay huge lump sums for dental treatment. The cost of dental treatment is increasing all the time and dental health problems can be a source of considerable expenditure, especially if you consider the treatment you may need over the course of 5 or 10 years. Below is a list of the benefits of some Dental Treatment Plan and Finance:

Free NHS dental care: NHS dental insurance covers the cost of all treatments carried out on the NHS.

Emergency dental cover: most policies offer protection in the event of a traumatic injury, which causes damage to the mouth. Usually, policies will cover treatment in a private clinic in the event of an emergency.

Worldwide cover: many policies offer cover for injuries that occur whilst the client is abroad.

Oral cancer cover: some policies offer financial help for people who are diagnosed with mouth cancer (restrictions apply so it is best to check the details of the policy carefully before you try and claim for any treatment relating to mouth cancer).

Payouts for overnight hospital stays: many policies pay out for overnight stays in the hospital when treatment for dental problems is involved. As a rough guide, patients can expect around £60 per night; however, there may be restrictions so again it is best to check the details of your policy before you make a claim.

What does dental insurance cover?

Dental insurance plans differ according to the provider and the monthly premium you pay. Some plans are designed to cover NHS treatment only, while others cover private treatment. Usually, most essential treatments are covered, as well as basic services including:

  • Routine check-ups
  • Fillings
  • X-rays
  • Hygiene treatment
  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Emergency dental treatments or oral treatment with Orthodontist
  • Treatment needed as a result of trauma or injury
  • Mouth cancer care
  • Worldwide cover for dental emergencies and subsequent treatments (some restrictions apply)

Isn’t dental insurance part of health insurance?

Although some of the more comprehensive health insurance plans do cover dental treatment, many don’t. You need to check the details of your policy before you make a claim for dental treatment and if you don’t have a dental cover included in your health insurance, you may wish to consider a plan that incorporates both general and dental health insurance.

How much does dental insurance cost?

Many people have dental insurance and plans provided as a perk of their job. For those that don’t, there is a huge range of plans and policies on offer nowadays; like health insurance, dental insurance is an increasingly competitive market and consequently, there are some very attractive and affordable offers around. The amount you pay will, of course, depend on how comprehensive your plan is; budget insurance is now available from only a few pounds each month, but be aware that treatments you may need might not be covered. More comprehensive plans may cost up to £50 per month, but this should include everything and may also include insurance for other members of your family.

Having insurance gives peace of mind, Early appointments, keeping your own dentist also a simple and quick claims process