Dental hygiene – is it worth it?

Is it worth it to take care of your dental hygiene? Perhaps more accurately, we should be asking – how long do you want to keep your teeth for?


Finances are tricky for most people ordinarily and certainly so in today’s tough economy. However, most people continue to respond to the consumer-orientated environment and prioritize their money for the things or activities that they particularly enjoy. Therefore, they are looking to cut back on the things which they don’t deem as important. Sadly, a visit to the hygienist seems to be one of those things which people find easy to cut out. The consequences of this are widely either misunderstood or ignored. 

Good oral hygiene

Most people assume that brushing their teeth twice a day will do the requisite amount of work and remove everything that needs removing. But without very good Dental Hygiene Tips For Better Oral Health you need to follow in your daily life, remember, bacteria are going to be inevitably left around the teeth. If a continued pattern, this will lead to gum recession, bone loss and ultimately tooth loss. There are a few lucky people for whom this will not apply, but for the vast majority, good tooth care is paramount.

Visits to dental hygienists

The role of a hygienist is to get rid of all of the plaque that we can’t reach. This sounds like a trivial thing, but particularly in patients who are susceptible to gum disease, hygienists are able to remove plaque from pockets that are 5 mm deep or more. Even the most motivated patient will struggle to be able to clean these pockets at home.

Often, visiting the hygienist can be the scariest and most painful part of dental treatment. The common view is that white tooth filling UK are necessary and hygiene is not as important, so it’s tempting to avoid it – especially considering the associated cost. However, there is so much more to gum care than it might appear. To ignore the hygiene side of the equation is foolish. There are so many teeth that are removed through necessity that could have been prevented. Inadequate care of the teeth has disastrous consequences. Sadly, these are irreversible and totally preventable.

A good Oral Health Care Specialist, who can remove any pain and work effectively to get rid of all the build-up around teeth, is worth their weight in gold. After all, as an adult, once your teeth have gone, you can’t grow new ones.