Dental emergency – how to deal?

A dental emergency is a situation in which the teeth or gums become injured and you have to apply some treatment immediately. It is a serious situation and it should not be overlooked. If it is ignored and the appropriate action is not taken within due time, then severe permanent damage can result which would then require even more complicated, extensive and expensive treatment.

Here are some Dental Health Care Tips to deal with common types of dental emergency:


If you suffer from toothaches persistently, then firstly, the mouth should be rinsed with warm water. Dental flossing technique should also be used for cleaning the mouth properly and removing the food debris and plaque from the teeth. Some people also experience swelling with toothache, in this scenario, a cold compress should be applied outside the mouth. It is important to note that aspirin or any other painkiller should not be placed on the tooth which is aching as this would burn and damage the gum tissue. You should seek the dentist advice about oral health treatments as soon as possible if you suffer from toothaches.

Broken or chipped teeth

If possible, you should save the broken or chipped pieces of the tooth or teeth. These chipped or broken pieces should be rinsed with warm water and the mouth should be rinsed as well. In case bleeding, you should apply a piece of gauze to the particular area for 10 minutes. If the bleeding does not stop, then the gauze piece should be applied until the bleeding stops. If swelling occurs, then a cold compress should be applied outside the mouth, on the cheek or lip at the area near the broken or chipped tooth. In this type of dental emergency, the dentist’s office should be visited as soon as possible.

Knocked out tooth

The knocked out tooth should be saved. I should be held by the crown and rinsed with warm water. Care should be taken to not rub the tooth and any tissue attached to it should not be removed. Firstly, you need to try to put the tooth back in its place without applying force. If it’s not possible, then the tooth should be kept in a glass of milk or saltwater. The dentist’s office should be visited immediately for Dentist Advice About Oral Health Treatments because there are high chances of a knocked-out tooth being saved. The tooth could be fitted back into the socket with by a dentist if the patient arrives within one hour. 

Partially dislodged tooth

If you have an extruded or partially dislodged tooth, then you should apply a cold compress right away outside the mouth or cheek near the affected area. This will not only relieve the pain but will also prevent any swelling. Painkillers can also be taken if necessary. You should immediately see the dentist.

Objects stuck between teeth

If there is something stuck between the teeth, then, first of all, you should use dental floss to try to remove the object. Take care to try to do it gently. Do not use a pin or any other sharp thing to remove the stuck object. Some people try to poke the object directly with something sharp and this could be damaging because both the gum tissue and the tooth surface can be damaged by this. If the stuck object cannot be removed by the dental floss, then visit the Oral Health Care Specialist.

Lost filling

If you lose a filling, then the immediate action should be to apply some sugarless gum into the cavity. The gum should only be sugarless because a sugar-filled gum would cause pain. Over-the-counter dental cement is also easily available and you can apply the same. The proper filling would only be done by the dentist and you should visit the dentist’s office as soon as possible.

Lost crown

If you see that the dental crown fixed on a tooth has fallen off, then keep the crown with you. Apply some clove oil to the affected area. Use a cotton swab to apply the oil. Try to put the crown back in its place over the tooth by applying dental cement, denture adhesive or toothpaste on the inner surface of the crown, but obviously, do not use super glue. After this, visit the Oral Dental Care Professionals to get the crown placed professionally.