Damon system

The Damon System

The Damon system is a method to cure and get rid of malocclusion conditions. There are four fixed types of methods by which malocclusion can be treated. Besides the Damon system, the other Cosmetic Dental Treatment methods are the smart clip, the praxis guide and the Carriere LX.

The Damon Braces

The Damon braces are much more convenient and tactful. These braces can be cleaned easily as well. They do not contain the elastic ties which become the reason for accumulation and clustering of plaque and bacteria. Good oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment can be easily maintained when Damon braces are used.

The traditional dental braces are tied in with elastics on the left. This causes friction and force and hence, the treatment becomes slower and not as comfortable as it should be. The Damon system basically combines three components, and because of these components, it offers more comfort to the individual during the oral treatment with Orthodontist, and it even takes much less time than other traditional dental braces. These three components are:

  • The Damon braces work on self-ligating braces, which means that the braces of the Damon system are tie-less. Due to the self-ligating braces, there is no need for the elastic or metal ties of the traditional dental braces. The teeth get aligned with the use of Damon braces without needing any tightening.
  • The Damon braces have light high-technology shape-memory wires. These wires have the potential to move and align the teeth much faster. These wires do not need much adjustment.
  • The latest clinically proven treatment approach of the Damon system has the potential to align the teeth and at the same time, improve the facial aesthetics of the individual. With the Damon system, there is no need for the extraction of the tooth or rapid palatal expanders.

With the Damon braces, the self-ligating systems on the brackets make the results better. The brackets of the braces do not contain ligatures and even the brackets are much smaller than the brackets of the traditional dental braces. Usually, the Damon braces are partially translucent, making the braces very difficult to be seen by others. Damon braces eliminate the requirement for the extraction of a tooth during oral treatment with Oral Health Care Professionals.