Cracked tooth treatment

When a crack on a tooth extends through the dentin, reaching the pulp chamber, it is a dental condition known as cracked tooth syndrome. The molars become the subject of a cracked tooth syndrome most often, because these are the teeth which have to absorb and resist most of the force during chewing. Oral Health Care Specialist recommends treatment for the cracked tooth syndrome.

Bruxism is a habit in which the individual grinds and clenches the teeth causing the teeth to become cracked as well. Similarly, sometimes the teeth of an individual are positioned in such a way that excessive pressure is put on a specific tooth or some teeth, this might also lead to cracked tooth syndrome.

Due to the cracked tooth syndrome, the tooth is susecptible to pain when something is chewed or bitten. The pain can be mild or intense depending upon the condition of the syndrome. A fraction of the tooth might also break off due to the crack getting bigger. This leads to the dentin being exposed and infections attacking the inner part of the tooth directly.

When the pulp is affected by the cracked tooth because the crack has reached the pulp chamber, then endodontic therapy UK is the only treatment which can be done by the dentist to relieve the pain.

The endodontic therapy removes the pulp chamber and the root canals from the tooth. Both of these are naturally occupied by nerve tissue and blood vessels. After the removal of pulp from the tooth, the area is cleaned, shaped and decontaminated and filled with an inert filling material, which is usually gutta-percha.

Due to the endodontic therapy, the tooth becomes dead. Although it is not extracted from the oral cavity, it would not be living like other teeth and pain is not felt anymore by the individual. After the root canal treatment, the tooth would not be sensitive to hot or cold temperatures, however, the tooth would still respond to pressure.

In extreme situations, even the root canal treatment will not completely solve the problem and the tooth would have to be extracted.