How Chocolate Easter eggs Can Harm Your Teeth?

Chocolate Easter eggs and your teeth

It’s Easter time already and chocolate easter eggs harm teeth! Time to relish those yummy and tempting chocolate Easter eggs! It is difficult to resist the temptation of having these chocolate delicacies but one must think about the detrimental effects that they may have on the teeth.

As a matter of fact, chocolate Easter eggs are heavily loaded with sugar and chocolate easter eggs harm teeth. The decay-causing bacteria act on sugar or any refined carbohydrate and produce acid which in turn weakens the teeth surfaces through the process of demineralization. Demineralized teeth tend to develop cavities later on.

Apart from posing dental problems, high content of sugar can have deleterious effects on the development of the bones in children as well. This can cause permanent alterations in the structure of their body. so, in such case visit to pediatric dentistry near me UK.

Can I have chocolate Easter eggs without damaging my teeth?

Yes. It is always advisable to have sweet and sticky candies or chocolates in moderation if one finds it difficult to avoid them completely then chocolate easter eggs harm teeth. Nevertheless, you can enjoy your Easter by munching on these chocolate eggs without putting your dental health at risk by following the steps listed below-

  1. Mealtime is the best time – Avoid eating Easter eggs in between the meals. Having one along with your meals reduces the risk of developing cavities. This is because saliva is secreted more than normal when you have your meals. Saliva helps in neutralising the acid produced due to bacterial activity and also helps in flushing out the food remnants.
  2. Sugar-free gums can help – Just pop in a sugar-free chewing gum after having an Easter eggs. These gums stimulate the salivary glands so that they produce more saliva. The flushing action and neutralising property of saliva protect the teeth from bacterial attack.
  3. Plenty of water – Drinking plenty of water keep the acid level at minimum thereby, protecting the teeth from decay. Thorough rinsing of water is highly recommended by Oral Health Care Professionals after a round of such a delicious dessert.
  4. Frequency matters – One needs to understand that the number of times of sweet indulgence counts than the quantity consumed. Each time you have something sugary, your teeth are exposed to acid attack. So, keep a check on the frequency of consumption of the Easter eggs.
  5. Dark chocolate is better – Studies have revealed the fact that dark chocolate is a better alternative to the sweeter versions of chocolate. Besides, they provide strength to the teeth just like fluorides do.
  6. Wait before brushing your teeth – If you go and brush your teeth instantly after having something sweet, the damage done is more. This is because you have chosen to brush at a time when the acid level is quite high inside the mouth. Brushing during high acid levels wears down the enamel risking the integrity of the teeth.

Well, go cavity-free this Easter by indulging into these tasty Easter treats without compromising your oral health! 

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