Changing the toothbrush frequently

Why is changing the toothbrush important?

According to Oral Dental Care Professionals, every individual should replace his or her toothbrush once every three months. They can remain effective for a limited period of time. But when that limit is crossed, it will start causing diseases and problems instead of cleaning the teeth properly. It will wear out with the passage of time and three months is the appropriate time to change it. OralHealthNet professionals recommend to change the toothbrush after every 3 months as they become less effective removing plague from teeth and gums. 


Since it cleans the bacteria in the mouth, bacteria start accumulating on it as well. Re-using it means we bring the bacteria get back into the mouth. That’s why people suffering from the periodontal disease should change their toothbrushes even more frequently; every four to six weeks and get proper periodontal disease treatment. The bacteria in the mouth of such individuals start accumulating in the bristles and using the same tooth-brush for a longer period can be damaging. The toothbrush needs changing after a bout of illness too. There is also a need to reduce the spread of germs by just letting your toothbrush dry in the open air after brushing. 

Electric toothbrushes

The advice of changing the brush once every three months is only valid for traditional and not an electric toothbrush.  The latter needs changing and cleaning according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Different make toothbrushes has different lasting time. Many have indicators when the toothbrush is wearing off and is time to change.