The cementum is a substance which covers the root of the tooth. It is one of the four components of a tooth, with the other components being, enamel, dentin and pulp. The cementum is not as hard as the enamel or the dentin and is mainly made up of hydroxylapatite. Sometimes, there is the need of the  surgical tooth extraction UK. In order to avoid  certain potential issues, with the loss of cementum, the diligent oral care is must.

Like most hard tissues, the cementum also contains collagen, which is a group of proteins. The color of cementum is yellowish but it is slightly lighter in shade than dentin. This component of the tooth is permeable as well. The formation of cementum in a tooth continues permanently because when the old cementum wears off, new cementum is formed in the tooth. There are two types of cementum that are: Acellular and Cellular. The acellular layer of cementum is living tissue that does not incorporate cells into its structure and usually predominates on the coronal half of the root; cellular cementum occurs more frequently on the apical half. 

Dental problems like abrasion, caries and scaling & polishing procedures strip off the cementum covering from the dentin and this causes the sensitivity of the tooth to hot or cold. To some extent, the cementum has the potential to repair itself.

Hypercementosis is a condition in which excessive cementum builds up on the roots of a tooth or many teeth. OralHealthNet specialists provides various Dental Health Care Tips for your overall health by maintaining oral health.