Alcohol and tobacco greatly increase the chances for oral cancer

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening along with a dental check-up is necessary. The oral cancer is a type of cancer which has become alarmingly common these days as per Oral Health Care Professionals. According to statistics, in the United States, one patient dies due to this kind of cancer every hour. The disease can involve the tongue, cheek lining, the floor of the mouth, lips, palate, and the gums.


In this condition, small lesion or ulcers can occur in the oral cavity. These might be pale, dark or completely discolored. On the soft tissues of the mouth, white or red patches can also be visible. In the early stages, these lesions and patches are painless. However, in the later stages, the inflammation and burning sensation can occur. 

Causes of Oral Cancer

Consumption of tobacco and alcohol are the most common causes according to Oral Health Care Professionals. Other factors include chewing betel, paan, and Areca. These items are extremely popular in Asian countries, especially India. Approximately seventy-five percent of patients suffering from oral cancer get the disease due to the usage of tobacco. Smoking causes oral cancer. As the smoke and heat of cigarettes irritate and damage the mucous membrane in the oral cavity. Similarly, chewing tobacco damages the mucous membrane due to direct contact.

Tobacco and Alcohol

After tobacco, alcohol is the other most significant cause of oral cancer. Particularly the combination of the consumption of both, alcohol and tobacco greatly increase the chances.

Oral Treatment with Orthodontist

To determine cancer, the professional could use biopsy. It is a procedure where cells or a tissue are extracted from the body and sent to the laboratory for examination to determine cancer. Surgery and radiation with or without chemotherapy are the treatments for oral cancer.