The canine teeth are the teeth which exist next to the lateral incisors. These are particular long and pointed teeth. Some people do not have long and pointed canines and in such situation, these teeth are also termed as incisiform. The strongest tooth in the human mouth is canine that last longs than others. They functions in biting and cutting of the food. The false positioning of the teeth can lead to various dental issues that may require Cosmetic Dental Treatment.

Canine helps in the protection of the front and back teeth from abnormal wear due to its difference in anatomy from the other teeth which makes it stronger. Canine teeth are next to the premolars also called the cuspids or the eyeteeth. Canines also suffer from the gum recession in spite of their power and strength, because of their prominence in the gum’s arch. the teeth that are prevented from pushing through the gums in their normal position, those are reffered to as the impacted. These issues can effect the canines and bring them to the higher position than the normal one. It can further lead to the cosmetic issues or dental health problems that may require a visit to dentist or contact with the Oral Health Care Professionals, when positioned along the gumline rather than aligned with the rest of your smile.

There are four canines; this means there are two maxillary canines and two mandibular canines. The canines are stronger than the incisors and these teeth have much deeper roots than the incisors. The maxillary canines are longer and larger than the mandibular canines. The maxillary canines are also popularly known as the eye teeth, while the mandibular canines are popularly known as the stomach teeth. They play a vital role in the functioning of the other teeth too. So, a regular visit to the dentist and the Dental Hygiene Tips For Better Oral Health is must.