Broken teeth

Teeth are astonishingly strong, and cannot be broken easily, however, there could be a possibility of broken teeth, fractured or chipped off. There are several reasons for this:

  • Attempting to bite something extremely hard
  • A hard blow to the mouth
  • Falling over accidentally
  • Increasing cavities on a tooth can gradually weaken it
  • Although a broken or chipped tooth does not cause pain if the fracture or break is minor, it can, however, injure the tongue because a sharp edge is usually the result of broken or chipped off a tooth.

When a big part of a tooth is broken it can cause pain. This pain is caused when the fracture is so big, that the nerve which exists inside the tooth becomes damaged. Besides the pain, there is also discomfort when hot or cold drinks or foods are consumed. Moreover, chewing can also be challenging. Good foods for oral health care could help.

There are numerous treatments which can be performed in cases of broken, cracked or fractured teeth. If the crack or chip on the tooth is very minor, then it would not necessarily require treatment. Such cracks are caused when enamel is damaged. For minor cracks, polishing is done to smooth the tooth.

If the crack or chip is relatively big, then one could go for white tooth filling UK. A crown might also be used by the dentist to prevent the crack from getting any worse. If the crack or chip is so severe that it affects the nerve, the pulp, and the surrounding tissues, then root canal treatment is done.