Angular cheilitis (Cheilosis)

Angular cheilitis is when inflammatory gashes or lesions appear at the corner of the mouth. Generally, angular cheilitis appears on both the corners of the mouth. In this condition, pain or itching could arise. If the appropriate treatment is not started, then these lesions turn into cracks and split and if the condition worsens they will start to bleed when the mouth is opened widely, it could last for long like for days to years. The sores formed by angular cheilitis extremely painful. So, don’t overlook Dental problems and treatment.

One of the basic causes behind angular cheilitis is a fungal or bacterial infection, or irritation or allergies. This bacterial infection results when the corners of the mouth are constantly wet with accumulated saliva. The other major factor behind angular cheilitis is a nutritional deficiency of certain vitamins, iron, zinc, etc in the body of an individual. Poorly fitting dentures, the dry mouth due to mouth breathing, smoking, minor trauma, licking the lips, sun exposure are various irritants. 

The diagnosis could be done with the testing for infections and patch testing for allergies. People who are elderly are found to be more vulnerable to angular cheilitis because when they lose their teeth, their mouth is over-closed and this causes vertical dimension. The substances like toothpaste, food, makeup are the allergies and often many other factors may include poor nutrition or poor immune system. 

Antibiotics and creams are some oral health care products sufficient to cure the lesions after the exact cause of the condition has been identified and eliminated.